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Paula LeDuc Fine Catering is housed in a simple, two-story beige building nestled just 15 minutes from San Francisco in the East Bay city of Emeryville. Its unobtrusive structure blends well into the Emeryville landscape. City Hall is right across the street, as is Semifreddi's, which always fills the morning air with the aroma of freshly baked baguettes. The technology giant, Pixar, is just a stone's throw away, and inside they are discussing how to reinvent animation.

Inside the Paula LeDuc Fine Catering offices, the chief executive officer and sales director of a global Internet infrastructure company are planning to host executives from companies in Japan. They want a menu that combines the cultures of the Silicon Valley and Western Nisei

We call these worlds that intersect and sometimes collide, the San Francisco Bay Area. Paula LeDuc Fine Catering is a part of the Bay Area's heart and soul: an appreciation for the uncommon, a love of the old and new worlds, magical cuisine, not just an event, a production. The Bay Area is a place like no other.

And so is Paula LeDuc Fine Catering

Paula LeDuc Fine Catering, 1350 Park Avenue, Emeryville, CA 94608 - 1.888.443.4498