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The right menu. The perfect linens. The essential crystal. An aspirin and antacid for the father of the bride. Paula LeDuc's weddings are original, intimate, and most importantly, personal, from the wines, to the flowers, to the music. If ever a day needed to be perfect, it is your wedding day. Paula LeDuc does it with experienced ease.

The Napa Valley is famous for its wines, and the vintners are a close-knit, friendly, and competitive (in that family kind of way) group. So what happens when the guest list for a wedding includes 10 of Napa Valley's most established wine-makers? You quickly find the right way to present 10 different wines and show no favorites.
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On one thing, everyone could agree: The soup bowls would have to be Baccarat to match the glasses on the table. However, the right Baccarat bowls were not available. That's when Paula LeDuc Fine Catering came up with a unique (to say the least) solution: Carve the bowls from ice. That would be 520 expertly hand-carved bowls from ice. And they mustn't leak a drop. It worked. In fact, it was a glowing success.
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A wedding is always for the bride. Always. And the last thing the father of the bride wants is anyone fussing over him. (Do that quietly.)
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